Fifty Years Ago Today: A Hard Day’s Night Film


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Fifty years ago today, the Beatles’ film “A Hard Day’s Night” was released in the UK. Wow, it is pretty crazy to think that fifty years has passed since the hilarious black-and-white comedy film came out.

The screenplay was written by Alun Owen and the film was directed by Richard Lester, starring the Fab Four during the craziness of Beatlemania. It was perfect timing!

“A Hard Day’s Night” is one of the most influential musical films of all time. Time magazine rated it as one of the all-time great 100 films.

The film is full of funny moments, of course!

Check out the trailer below.

In addition, the entire movie is on YouTube! Watch it here!

Plus, Time magazine published a great article about today too!

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“A Hard Day’s Night” Film

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So technology right now is quite amazing! I say that because the entire movie “A Hard Day’s Night” can be watched on Youtube! My last post was about the album, so I figured I would touch on the film too.

This black-and-white film was made in 1964, the prime time of Beatlemania. You can watch the whole thing below. (I still can’t get over how awesome this is!) But anyway, if you just wanted to watch a few moments here and there, I’ve added another video as well. There are so many funny moments in this movie. The Fab Four are quirky and comical. Watch a few funny moments below.

Here’s the full film!

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Across the Universe


Hi Beatles fans! Have you seen the film “Across the Universe”?

File:Across the universe (2007 film) poster.jpg

While “Across the Universe” is a song on the album “Let it Be”, it is also a musical romantic drama from 2007. The entire movie is centered on songs by The Beatles. Talk about a great movie!

The film stars Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, Joe Anderson, T.V. Carpio and more. In addition, Bono and Joe Cocker make cameo appearances. Although “Across the Universe” received mixed reviews, I love it. I love how the songs are incorporated into the plot. There is a total of 34 Beatles songs in the movie.

The movie follows the story of several different characters. Jude (Jim Sturgess), a shipyard worker from Liverpool, jumps ship from the Navy and travels to America in hopes of finding his long lost father in New Jersey at Princeton University. Max (Joe Anderson), who is dropping out of Princeton, befriends Jude after he finds out his father is not a professor but a janitor. Max invites Jude home for Thanksgiving, where he meets and becomes attracted to Max’s younger sister, Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). Lucy, a high school student, is worrying about her boyfriend, Daniel who enlisted in the Vietnam War.

Prudence (T.V. Carpio), a high school student in Ohio is silently in love with another female cheerleader. After Thanksgiving, Max and Jude move to New York and start living with Sadie (Dana Fuchs), an aspiring singer and Jojo (Martin Luther McCoy), a guitar player. Eventually all of the characters end up together in New York, each battling different struggles to the backdrop of The Beatles.

“Across the Universe” can be purchased on, but is also available on Netflix. If you’ve seen this movie already, leave a comment about it below. If you haven’t, go watch and come back with comments!

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