Words of Love Polyvore

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Hello everyone!

Check out this Polyvore I made for the song “Words of Love” one of my favorites!

Stay tuned for a song spotlight soon. I’m planning to post two times a week here and three times a week on my fashion blog!

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Hey Jude Polyvore

Hi Beatles loves! I’m sorry if it seems I have abandoned you all for a few days. The truth is many exciting (and also sad) things have been happening. I seemed to have abandoned my fashion blog loves too, so don’t feel too bad.

For one, a fellow classmate from my high school passed away in a car accident last week. Our graduating class had about 200+ people, so everyone knew everyone. It’s been very sad and shocking to hear this news. He was even married to one of my other friends from high school and I just can’t imagine what she’s going through. It’s all very surreal. Rest in peace Conner.

For two, my summer classes and internship have been kicking my butt. Homework assignments, exams, quizzes, internship stories and work at Publix five days a week has gotten a little bit overwhelming with my “lack thereof legit sleep schedule.” Haha. Thankfully, assignments are settling down so here am I. Thanks for sticking with me.

My one of two exciting news happening is that I’m going to Universal with one of my best friends next weekend and we’re definitely spending the day at the Harry Potter world. I’ve been once before during my high school senior class trip, but I didn’t really get to enjoy it. So I’m super excited for next weekend. My second exciting news announcement will have to wait for a later date.

So today’s post is a quick Polyvore of the song “Hey Jude”! Side note, I really love this song and will post a Song Spotlight soon enough. I do realize that is sort of a happy lovey song and my board is all blue stuff, but bear with me I hadn’t had the highest spirits later. Anyway, enjoy the post and stay tuned for more.



Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Eleanor Rigby Polyvore

Hello loves! I made a Polyvore for the song “Eleanor Rigby”! Check out my Song Spotlight post here!

For this song, I made three different styles of black and white outfits. The first is a casual daytime outfit of a simple striped shirt and jeans with Converse sneakers.

The second outfit is also for daytime, a pair of patterned shorts with a black crop top. It is perfect for the spring time with the strappy sandals.

The third outfit is for the nightime, a classy dress paired with black heels and a crossbody bag.

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Stay tuned for more posts soon!

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Ticket to Ride Polyvore

Hi everyone!

Today is a quick Fashion Find post for the “Ticket to Ride” Beatles song.

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Once again I found a Beatles shirt from Forever21.com! I love that Forever 21 has tee shirts of my favorite band for affordable prices.

I paired this shirt with some light denim shorts and black Converses. I have a slight obsession with Converses at the moment and the words “at the moment” make me laugh. I used to only wear Converses in middle school. I had multiple colors and patterns too; it was a little bit unhealthy. But Converses are a great long-lasting shoe with functionality and fashionable appeal.

I also added an animal-print tote and floppy hat perfect for a summer day or music festival. This look would definitely work for a festival day!

In the bottom corner, I found a black and white Beatles ticket. Too cool! Even though it is 2014 and the Beatles are from a very different time period, it is interesting and exciting to still see their stuff all over the Internet.

As a side note of personal happiness, I am so excited to say that my Polyvore account outfits have been viewed over 11,000 times! Wow! I can’t believe it. I will be starting my fashion blog soon, so stay tuned.

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼