New Blog Up and Running


Hello loves!

Just in case you didn’t know, my new blog is up and running!

Go check out!


Blog Changes

The+Beatles (1)

Hello loves,

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my two blogs.

This Beatles blog started as a college class assignment, but has grown into so much more. Over these last few months I have realized my love of blogging and sharing my thoughts. So much that I started my fashion blog too. My love of fashion, photography and the Beatles has grown, through my posts and fellow Beatles fans who have followed, liked and commented.

I have truly appreciated every one of you and hope you continue on with me in these changes!

Although this has all been so much fun, it’s sometimes a struggle to be posting three times a week on two different blogs. So I’ve finally decided what to do. I’m a little sad about the things that will be ending, but also excited about the new things to come.

I’ll be ending this blog and starting a new one through my fashion blog, but relaunched as Jasmin’s Journey. There will be a Beatles section, a fashion section and so much more! I’m very excited for this new change!

Stay tuned for more! will be the new domain so be on the look-out.

I plan to relaunch on August 4th!

Until then,

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Jacksonville Art Walk

Hello my fellow Beatles fans!

I appreciate everyone sticking with me this week with my flood of cruise photos.

So, here’s a quick Beatles post!

I’m back home from the first summer semester and one thing I love to do at home is go to Art Walk!


Art Walk is a downtown event on the first Wednesday of every month where the community comes together for a celebration of art and culture. There’s food trucks, street performers and music as well as galleries and museums you can walk through. There’s also tables where you can buy artwork, jewelry and more.

I haven’t been to Art Walk all year so I was very excited to go on Wednesday. And what did I find to make me even more happy?!

Beatles artwork of course! Check it out below!





I talked to the artist at this table and he explained that he uses acrylic and spray paint for his masterpieces. I was totally impressed!

Plus, he was super nice and let me take these pictures without buying anything. Unspoken Art Walk rules (for me, at least): don’t bring lots of cash cause you will buy everything, haha.

Anyway, there’s a quick around the town Beatles post for this week. After all the cruise photos are done, there will be more to come I promise.

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Great and Exciting Updates

Hi loves, I almost forgot to update all my Beatles bloggers about my fun weekend at Universal Studios. Instead of posting the same blog post twice, click here to read about my trip!

In just one week, I’m going on a cruise to Honduras and Cozumel! Woohoo! So of course, I needed to finally purchase my fancy Canon camera that I’ve been internet stalking for several months. Check it out, so beautiful. I still haven’t picked a name yet though. My first thought was “Broke” since that’s how I felt right after I bought it, haha (just keeping it real).


But, don’t worry about money woes – great and exciting things are on the way. Besides, what’s the point of having money if you’re never going to spend it? Instead of sitting on it and moping around about college life no money days, I’m living my life, my loves!

Anyway, there are several posts I’m long overdue to write so stay tuned for more this week. After this last week of classes I’ll be free of school and class responsibilities for a little while. Then, I’ll get a good schedule going for blog posts instead of all these random ones. Stay with me, please. I beg you, haha.

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼