“A Hard Day’s Night” Film

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So technology right now is quite amazing! I say that because the entire movie “A Hard Day’s Night” can be watched on Youtube! My last post was about the album, so I figured I would touch on the film too.

This black-and-white film was made in 1964, the prime time of Beatlemania. You can watch the whole thing below. (I still can’t get over how awesome this is!) But anyway, if you just wanted to watch a few moments here and there, I’ve added another video as well. There are so many funny moments in this movie. The Fab Four are quirky and comical. Watch a few funny moments below.

Here’s the full film!

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

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“A Hard Day’s Night” Album

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Today I’m going to cover the album “A Hard Day’s Night” the Beatles second studio album. This album was released on July 10, 1964.


The first side included the songs from their film “A Hard Day’s Night.” The 13 songs from this album were all written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The title of the album came from an offhand comment from Ringo Starr. “A Hard Day’s Night” was number five on Q’s list of 100 Greatest British Albums Ever and number 307 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Here’s the track listing:

Side one

A Hard Day’s Night

I Should Have Known Better

If I Fell

I’m Happy Just to Dance with You

And I Love Her

Tell Me Why

Can’t Buy Me Love

Side two

Any Time at All

I’ll Cry Instead

Things We Said Today

When I Get Home

You Can’t Do That

I’ll Be Back

There were a few of these songs I hadn’t heard before, so I took the time to listen to all of them. Aside from my old loves from this album: A Hard Day’s Night, If I Fell, Can’t Buy Me Love and I’ll Cry Instead, I found a few other loves too.

The entire album was amazing, but here’s two songs I’d like to point out. I loved “Any Time at All” and “When I Get Home”!

Watch the videos below!

I really loved “When I Get Home” because it had such a nice beat with a bit of funk to it. It’s definitely a rock and roll song, but just on the border of something more. The lyrics were pretty catchy too! “When I Get Home” is definitely an underrated Beatles song.

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

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Beatles Desktop Background

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately, but it has been quite a busy few days! The semester is coming to a close and with that: my classes are piling on their final assignments and exams.

To cope with this classroom overload, I’ve been listening to the Beatles Pandora radio station. Pandora is an amazing invention. It is a playlist characterized to whatever artist you want to here as well as other artists within the same genre. My Beatles Pandora station has been a mixture of the Fab Four plus a few other artists with a similar sound. This Pandora station so far has the albums Revovler, White Album and Let it be. Fine by me!

As I currently sit in the library doing work and listening to the Beatles, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I have so much work to get done within the next few days and it doesn’t seem humanly possible to complete it all.

I’m taking a break right now to write this blog post. I just closed everything I was working on. Now I am looking at my desktop background and remembering all of the Beatles quotes I have on it. Sometimes it is necessary to take a break. I just needed this short breath and Beatles quotes to help me continue with all of my work.

My desktop background has these images and a few others. I found them on Etsy! Enjoy!





Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

“With The Beatles” Album

Hello loves! Today I’m going to write about The Beatles second studio album, “With the Beatles”.


“With the Beatles” was released in November of 1963, just four months after The Beatles first album. It was recorded over seven sessions in three months. “With the Beatles” remained on the top of the British charts for 21 weeks.

George Harrison’s first recorded solo “Don’t Bother Me” is on this album. Listen to it below.

Most of the songs on the album were released in the United States as “Meet the Beatles!” in January 1964. The other songs were released on the next United States album, “The Beatles’ Second Album” in April of 1964.

Below is the track listing of this album.

Fullscreen capture 4152014 11018 PM

My four favorite songs from this album are:

1. “It Won’t Be Long”

2. “All My Loving”

3. “Hold Me Tight”

4. “I Wanna Be Your Man”

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

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Debut Album “Please Please Me”


Hello loves! Today I’m going to talk about The Beatles debut album “Please Please Me”.

Please enjoy the live version of “Twist and Shout” above!

“Please Please Me” was recorded all in one day in February and released in March of 1963 in the United Kingdom. It contained fourteen songs total, with 7 songs on each side of the vinyl record. The Beatles recorded this album at EMI Studios in Abbey Road. The cover of the album is the group looking down over the stairwell inside EMI’s headquarters in Manchester Square.

In May of 1963, “Please Please Me” hit the UK album charts and stayed for thirty weeks straight. The Beatles second album “With the Beatles” later took its place. In 2012, “Please Please Me” made it to number 39 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.

A few of my favorite songs are on this album, including “Love Me Do”, “Do You Want to Know a Secret” and “Twist and Shout”.

Below is the track listing.

Side One

“I Saw Her Standing There”


“Anna (Go to Him)”


“Ask Me Why”

“Please Please Me”

Side Two

“Love Me Do”

“P.S. I Love You”

“Baby it’s You”

“Do You Want to Know a Secret”

“A Taste of Honey”

“There’s a Place”

“Twist and Shout”

Stay tuned for all things The Beatles!

– Jasmin ☼

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