Strawberry Fields Forever Fashion Find

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My last Song Spotlight was “Strawberry Fields Forever” so I created a Polyvore board inspired by the song.

I saw this unique button-up denim skirt and combined it with a black Beatles muscle shirt. If you’re looking for a similar shirt, check out Forever 21 because they have a few different styles, including the one pictured.

Fullscreen capture 4272014 14106 AM

White chucks are cute and comfortable shoes, perfect for springtime. The accessories are a red hair bow, cheetah print clutch and cat eye sunglasses. When it comes to accessories, I like picking out one color or pattern to go along with the outfit. For this outfit, red print was in the tee shirt, so that’s why I picked a red hair bow. I personally love cheetah print with red so I always pair the two together.

On the board, I also added a travel notebook as well as a Beatles ticket. If only, if only I could have gone to one of their concerts…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Fashion Find post for “Strawberry Fields Forever”. You can check out my other Polyvore boards here!

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Strawberry Fields Forever

penny lane

Hello loves!

Today’s Song Spotlight is the psychedelic rock song “Strawberry Fields Forever”!

This song was first released in Feb. 1967 on a double A-side single with “Penny Lane”. This song was inspired by John Lennon’s childhood memory of playing in the garden of “Strawberry Field” a Salvation Army children’s home near his house in Liverpool. Lennon lived with his aunt and uncle and used to go to the garden to play with other children. His aunt didn’t like him going there, but Lennon didn’t think anything of it. He simply thought, “nothing to get hung about”.

In Liverpool at the Salvation Army children’s home, there is a red Strawberry Field Gate in honor of the Beatles. The original gates were removed to preserve their condition. But just in 2013, the replica red gates were unfortunately vandalized. Read about it here.


“Living is easy with eyes closed

Misunderstanding all you see

It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out

It doesn’t matter much to me”

Although there is some mystery to these lyrics, there is also truth. Living with your eyes closed and being ignorant to the world is much easier than knowing the truth. But even if it is easier, that does not mean it is better.


The Beatles also had a promotional film for this song. It was filmed in Knole Park in Sevenoaks by director, Peter Goldman.

There is a Strawberry Fields memorial in the New York City Central Park dedicated to John Lennon. This spot is definitely on my bucket list to visit when I head back to New York. Lennon was assassinated in 1980 and his wife, Yoko Ono, gave a one million endowment for the memorial.



This song was ranked number 76 on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”. It was number three of Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Beatles Songs”.

Check out this artistic scene from the musical film “Across the Universe” with this song. Fair warning, it is a bit intense. But I love it!

In addition, I went searching and found this awesome artwork online at DeviantArt by Valisk.


Stay tuned for a Fashion Find post about this song coming soon!


Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Photo Credits: 45 Cats, Yelp, Weblicist, Central Park NYC and Deviant Art

Turn Peace Up

Hello loves!

So my 20th birthday was earlier this month and my mom got me an amazing gift. She introduced me to these beautiful bracelets from Alex and Ani jewelry. Alex and Ani is a collection of jewelry all handmade in America. You can read more about Alex and Ani in my Her Campus USF post here!

Anyway, my mom got me two bracelets for my birthday. One was my April birthstone and the other was called Turn Peace Up.

Fullscreen capture 492014 121529 AM

The Turn Peace Up bangle represents kindness, tranquility and liberation. The website states, “A reminder to positively contribute to the world, Turn Peace Up® symbolizes the small actions that can be taken towards bettering humanity. Wear this charm to stand up for kindness and liberate the world from negativity.”

The meaning behind this bangle made me think of the peace the Beatles believed in. So I wanted to talk about a few powerful songs about peace from the Beatles.

The first is an obvious choice: “Give Peace a Chance.” This song was written by John Lennon when he was still with the Beatles. It was released as a single though, and performed with Yoko Ono. This song is from July of 1969. It soon became an anti-war anthem in America during the 70s.

The next song is “Imagine,” also by John Lennon from October of 1971. This song was the best-selling single of Lennon’s solo career. This is my favorite part of the song:

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one


The next peaceful song is “All You Need is Love.” This song is from July 1967 and credited to Lennon and McCartney. The Beatles were asked to create a song with an important message that everyone could understand. Love is all you need is the perfect, powerful message. It is definitely one of peace.

My favorite line from this song is: nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.

The final song in my pick of peacefulness is “Revolution.” This song is from August 1968 and credited to Lennon and McCartney as well. “Revolution 1” and “Revolution 9” were also released later. “Revolution 1” as a single and “Revolution 9” on the “White Album.” This song was inspired by political protests. It was during the time of the Vietnam war.

Stay tuned for a future post about “Revolution” and Nike.

But when you talk about destruction

Don’t you know that you can count me out


Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Photo Credits: Pop History Rig

Beatles Desktop Background

Hello loves!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately, but it has been quite a busy few days! The semester is coming to a close and with that: my classes are piling on their final assignments and exams.

To cope with this classroom overload, I’ve been listening to the Beatles Pandora radio station. Pandora is an amazing invention. It is a playlist characterized to whatever artist you want to here as well as other artists within the same genre. My Beatles Pandora station has been a mixture of the Fab Four plus a few other artists with a similar sound. This Pandora station so far has the albums Revovler, White Album and Let it be. Fine by me!

As I currently sit in the library doing work and listening to the Beatles, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I have so much work to get done within the next few days and it doesn’t seem humanly possible to complete it all.

I’m taking a break right now to write this blog post. I just closed everything I was working on. Now I am looking at my desktop background and remembering all of the Beatles quotes I have on it. Sometimes it is necessary to take a break. I just needed this short breath and Beatles quotes to help me continue with all of my work.

My desktop background has these images and a few others. I found them on Etsy! Enjoy!





Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

“With The Beatles” Album

Hello loves! Today I’m going to write about The Beatles second studio album, “With the Beatles”.


“With the Beatles” was released in November of 1963, just four months after The Beatles first album. It was recorded over seven sessions in three months. “With the Beatles” remained on the top of the British charts for 21 weeks.

George Harrison’s first recorded solo “Don’t Bother Me” is on this album. Listen to it below.

Most of the songs on the album were released in the United States as “Meet the Beatles!” in January 1964. The other songs were released on the next United States album, “The Beatles’ Second Album” in April of 1964.

Below is the track listing of this album.

Fullscreen capture 4152014 11018 PM

My four favorite songs from this album are:

1. “It Won’t Be Long”

2. “All My Loving”

3. “Hold Me Tight”

4. “I Wanna Be Your Man”

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Photo Credits: All Music

Yellow Submarine Interviews

Hello loves!

So I found this amazing websites full of Beatles interviews.

It is called so go check it out.


Since my last post was about “Yellow Submarine” here are some Fab Four interview answers about this song.


PAUL 1966: “It’s a happy place, that’s all. You know, it was just… We were trying to write a children’s song. That was the basic idea. And there’s nothing more to be read into it than there is in the lyrics of any children’s song.”

JOHN 1972: “Paul wrote the catchy chorus. I helped with the blunderbuss bit.”

JOHN 1980: “‘Yellow Submarine’ is Paul’s baby. Donovan helped with the lyrics. I helped with the lyrics too. We virtually made the track come alive in the studio, but based on Paul’s inspiration. Paul’s idea. Paul’s title… written for Ringo.”

PAUL 1984: “I wrote that in bed one night. As a kid’s story. And then we thought it would be good for Ringo to do.”

PAUL circa-1994: “I was laying in bed in the Asher’s garret, and there’s a nice twilight zone just as you’re drifting into sleep and as you wake from it– I always find it quite a comfortable zone. I remember thinking that a children’s song would be quite a good idea… I was thinking of it as a song for Ringo, which it eventually turned out to be, so I wrote it as not too rangey in the vocal. I just made up a little tune in my head, then started making a story– sort of an ancient mariner, telling the young kids where he’d lived. It was pretty much my song as I recall… I think John helped out. The lyrics got more and more obscure as it goes on, but the chorus, melody and verses are mine.”

GEORGE 1999: “Paul came up with the concept of ‘Yellow Submarine.’ All I know is just that every time we’d all get around the piano with guitars and start listening to it and arranging it into a record, we’d all fool about. As I said, John’s doing the voice that sounds like someone talking down a tube or ship’s funnel as they do in the merchant marine. (laughs) And on the final track there’s actually that very small party happening! As I seem to remember, there’s a few screams and what sounds like small crowd noises in the background.”

Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Photo Credits: The Second Disc

Yellow Submarine

Hello loves! So I made another Polyvore board, this one inspired by the song “Yellow Submarine”. This song is from the album Revolver in 1966. Paul McCartney wrote the song and Ringo Starr was the lead vocalist. This song was number one on every major British chart for four weeks straight and stayed on the charts for 13 weeks total. “Yellow Submarine” is one of the most successful Beatles songs.

“In the town where I was born

Lived a man who sailed the sea

And he told us of his life

In the land of submarines.”

Fullscreen capture 4122014 21539 AM

This outfit is perfect for the spring time. I paired a soft yellow blazer with a white lace bustier and boyfriend jeans. I added a large statement necklace with a pop of bright blue to compliment the yellow. I always pair simple pearl earrings or studs with a large statement necklace. To complete the look, I included other minimal accessories, cat eye sunglasses and nude sandals.

“So we sailed up to the sun

Till we found the sea of green

And we lived beneath the waves

In our yellow submarine.”

Whenever I hear this song, I can’t help but smile and sing along. I visualize all of my beach experiences: a clear cerulean with not a cloud in sight. The warm sun on my face that makes me close my eyes and grin at God’s creation of this Earth. The soft sand by the cool water and crunchy sand closer to the boardwalk. The salty air and sunscreen smell of spring time and summer in Florida. I think of home with this song, even though I don’t live in a yellow submarine.

“As we live a life of ease

Everyone of us has all we need

Sky of blue and sea of green

In our yellow submarine.”

I put one of my all-time favorite pictures of the Beatles in the bottom left corner. I also added cartoon graphics of the Beatles as well as a yellow submarine! This Polyvore board was so much fun to make, as is every single one. I enjoy coming up with designs and outfit ideas. It is exciting to start with a blank screen and create something as magical as yellow submarine-inspired outfit. I hope you enjoyed this Fashion Find post and look forward to more.


Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Song Spotlight: Eleanor Rigby

“Eleanor Rigby” is on the 1966 album “Revolver” and also on a double A-side single with “Yellow Submarine”. It was written and credited to John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but the entire band worked on it together.

This song was during the Beatles transformation. They moved from just rock and roll music to experimentation with different genres. Although a few other songs by the Beatles can be deemed similar, “Eleanor Rigby” is unique. The lyrics and music of this song were unlike other popular music songs at the time.

“All the lonely people

Where do they all come from?

All the lonely people

Where do they all belong?”

This song was about loneliness, proving the Beatles had a wide range beyond just traditional rock. The song featured violins, cellos and violas created on a score composed by George Martin. Paul McCartney created the melody on his piano.

The original name of the woman in the song was going to be Miss Daisy Hawkins, but Eleanor Rigby was picked instead. McCartney explained in 1984 that he was looking for a name that sounded natural.

“Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been

Lives in a dream

Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door

Who is it for?”

“Eleanor Rigby” stayed at number one on the British pop charts for four weeks straight. It won the Grammy for Best Contemporary (R&R) Vocal Performance, Male or Female for McCartney in 1966. “Eleanor Rigby” also was featured in the “Yellow Submarine” 1968 animated film.

Even though the lyrics are somber, this is one of my favorite songs. I enjoy most of the songs by the Beatles, but a few of them stand out for me. I like the blunt and painfully honest explanation of loneliness in “Eleanor Rigby”.

I find it interested how all of the people are lonely, but they really don’t have to be. When I hear “All the lonely people” I think of an episode of “That 70’s Show”. The character Jackie likes Hyde and she says, “Well I noticed that you’re alone a lot and I’m alone a lot, so let’s be alone together.”

The song mentioned how both Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie are alone in their own way. Eleanor Rigby attends a church after a wedding is over. She waits by the window for someone, but no one is there. Father McKenzie writes sermons that no one will hear. He darns his socks at night by himself. They are both separately alone. When they come together in the end, it’s already too late.

“Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name

Nobody came

Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave

No one was saved.”


Check out the rest of these interviews from



PAUL 1966: “I was sitting at the piano when I thought of it. The first few bars just came to me, and I got this name in my head… Daisy Hawkins picks up the rice in the church. I don’t know why. I couldn’t think of much more so I put it away for a day. Then the name Father McCartney came to me, and all the lonely people. But I thought that people would think it was supposed to be about my Dad sitting knitting his socks. Dad’s a happy lad. So I went through the telephone book and I got the name McKenzie. I was in Bristol when I decided Daisy Hawkins wasn’t a good name. I walked ’round looking at the shops, and I saw the name Rigby. Then I took the song down to John’s house in Weybridge. We sat around, laughing, got stoned and finished it off.”

JOHN 1980: “Paul’s baby, and I helped with the education of the child… The violin backing was Paul’s idea. Jane Asher had turned him on to Vivaldi, and it was very good.”

PAUL 1984: “I got the name Rigby from a shop in Bristol. I was wandering round Bristol one day and saw a shop called Rigby. And I think Eleanor was from Eleanor Bron, the actress we worked with in the film ‘Help!’ But I just liked the name. I was looking for a name that sounded natural. Eleanor Rigby sounded natural.”


Also, check out this statue of Eleanor Rigby located in Liverpool.




Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Photo Credits: Rap361

Jacksonville Beatlemania

My first encounter with the Beatles was at a young age around Christmas time in my town, Jacksonville, Fla. Right down the street from my house was a dinner theatre named the Alhambra. Even though it was technically winter, the weather in Florida was the same stiff, grueling hot air that makes your body thick with sweat and your clothes stick to your skin.

It was a special occasion and my grandma, God bless her soul, had planned for my family to go see “A Christmas Carol” at the Alhambra Dinner Theatre. My parents, my grandma, my older brother of two years and I packed into the car and headed down the road. My brother and I were young kids, probably still in elementary school, but I don’t exactly remember. I do know that as young kids, we didn’t value these times as much as we should have. We quietly complained about going to see this boring Christmas classic that we had already seen on television, and therefore; did not need to see again. But my parents insisted and my grandma was treating us.

We never saw “A Christmas Carol.” Unfortunately and fortunately. The man behind the counter kindly informed my grandma that “A Christmas Carol” had stopped playing at the Alhambra last week. This week, even though it was still Christmas time, they were showing a Yellow Submarine Beatles special.

A Beatles special? I thought. A yellow submarine? In my young age, I really didn’t know who the Beatles were and why they had a yellow submarine or a special. But we had already gotten dressed up and left the house. So, we were not going back without seeing a show. My grandma treated us and we all went inside the theatre to see the so-called Beatles.

I remember the Alhambra Dinner Theatre as a very dark place for people to eat dinner. There were tables everywhere with candles and flowers. We walked in from the back and the tables were scattered all around the room. The entire room felt like a maze to me because some tables were on a slope, probably so people seated at other tables behind could see too. A large, brightly lit stage was in the center at the front of the room while the rest of the room was in almost complete darkness. A waiter directed us to our table and we were served dinner as the show began.

The Beatles special was exactly what it sounded like. It was Jacksonville’s version of Beatlemania. A collection of Beatles songs were performed by four men dressed as the “Fab Four”. I did recognize the Yellow Submarine song when it began playing, but at the time I didn’t understand the awesomeness. I should have been in awe of the impact the Beatles had made on the United States. It was an impact large enough for grown men to dress up as these four boys from Liverpool, fake British accents and perform songs. It was an impact large enough for the room to be packed with people and for those people to be shouting all of the song lyrics heard.

I just looked up the Alhambra Dinner Theatre and turns out Beatlemania was just there a few weeks ago. The first time was in 2005, which must have been when I saw it. Check out the news article here! Hopefully, they will be back soon so I can go see it again and this time, as a real Beatles fan.


Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

Photo Credits: Examiner


The Beatles Impact Today

The Beatles have made a lasting impact on the United States since their first performance in 1964. Today in 2014, fans are still experiencing their own version of Beatlemania. I ventured around campus and visited Mojo’s Books Records Coffee and Tea in search of more merchandise of The Beatles. Fair warning now, my pictures are iPhone quality because I have not bought a fancy camera yet.

I started my quest with one of my own things, a picture of my laptop while interning in the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s office on Monday afternoon. I bought this laptop case from Modcloth, a great online store with eccentric, fashionable pieces.


Next I moved onto my workplace, Publix. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first time in the United States, Time had a magazine dedicated to all things Beatles. I was happy to see Publix stocked their shelves with it, as well as a People magazine Beatles issue too.


Then I talked to my friend, Ashley, a fellow lover of the Beatles. Her room is decorated with Beatles décor as well as a painting she did herself. Ashley even has a tattoo of the Beatles. When I saw her on campus, I took a picture of the Beatles button on her backpack.


On Monday afternoon, Ashley and I were leaving class when we spotted a girl wearing Beatles shirt outside of Cooper. We introduced ourselves and she did the same. Her name was Bailey. I asked Bailey if I could take a picture of her Beatles shirt for my blog, and she was very friendly. Bailey told me about her grandmother, who loves the Beatles and all things tie dye. We had a nice, little conversation about our mutual love of the Beatles. After meeting Bailey, I had a lovely realization that many students are actually fans of this British rock band.


I also went with one of my other friends, Octavia, to Mojo’s Books Records Coffee and Tea located on Fowler Avenue. Mojo’s is probably one of the greatest places I have ever been in Tampa. They had a large variety of delicious teas and coffees as well as an endless amount of books, movies, records and other trinkets.


I found a large selection of Beatles vinyl records, including Let it Be, Revolver and several others. There was even separate vinyl sections for John, Paul, George and Ringo. I was tempted to buy everything, but I controlled myself.

Instead, I ran down the aisle to show Octavia the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band vinyl record and said, “Look how amazing and vintage and awesome this is. I’m gonna take a picture, but I have to leave it in the store.”

Octavia laughed and said, “Okay, good decision. Next time you should leave your wallet in the car.”

It was very good advice.


Mojo’s had a some CDs too, including Abbey Road, the White album and three others.


On top of one of the bookshelves, I found two dolls as John and Paul, dressed like the album cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Unfortunately, they weren’t for sale.


I next asked the guy working at the counter for some help finding books about the Beatles. He directed me on where to look and even showed me a special collection’s item many Beatles fans have searched for.


When I found the book section, I couldn’t help going a little crazy. I was overjoyed by Mojo’s amount of Beatles vinyl records, but I cannot say no to books—affordable books at that. I ended up buying two special collection books as well as the rare book the worker showed me.


To see Ashley’s Beatles collection and tattoo, Bailey’s shirt and all of the Beatles merchandise in Mojo’s made me understand the impact the Beatles have had on the United States. It also made me aware of the simple truth: music can bring people together. Music lasts a lifetime. The Beatles were before Ashley, Bailey and I’s generation and yet, we are all dedicated fans. I’m sure there are even more Beatles fans on USF campus and I hope to meet them all one day.


Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼