The Beatles Board on Polyvore

Hello loves!

I was feeling very artsy today so I had a little bit of fun! Check out this Beatles board I made on Polyvore.


In it, I included some of my favorite pictures of The Beatles, favorite lyrics, a Beatles-inspired outfit and other random things I love dearly. I put a daisy and a sunflower in the board because those are my two favorite flowers. I also included a Casio watch, notebook and pen; essentials I can never leave home without.

High-waisted shorts are perfect for the approaching spring and summer time. And despite the Florida heat, it is always great to have a comfy over-sized sweater. I added other minimal accessories to the board like sunglasses, rings and necklaces because accessories, even at a minimum, are necessary.

I needed, of course, the Abbey Road image and others to accompany some of my favorite, fashionable things. I have the most fun with fashion because it gives me the ability to be creative. I love mixing and matching different items to make the perfect outfit.

Click here to see other boards I have made on Polyvore.


Peace and love. Let it be.

– Jasmin ☼

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